Sorry Dad! I Will Not Marry!

I will not marry 
Because everyday, just like you,
I will sit down, with a bottle of scotch,
And feed my ego, with rile fantasies
And terror in the eyes of the lady ,
I once assured, was the woman of my dreams

Slowly, but not steadily,
I will fill her mind with so much fear
That the mere sight of an empty bottle,
Will shoot a shudder down her spine
And all her tries , though, futile
Won’t help keep her body far away from mine
Rather than being a purveyor of her dreams
I will be the source of her screams

Just like mom, she will sigh 
And she will cry
But won’t be able to do a thing,
For the thought of her kids and their future,
Will cut the shreds of her wings 
That my lust would have spared

At the peak of my alcohol fueled madness,
I will slap her and kick her,
Before I bed her
Then I will abuse her parents 
Suck out any remnant of self respect,
That may help her face herself the next morning

And when my kids intervene,
I will tell them that I love them the most
And this is just a “husband-wife” thing
They will be confused 
But my wife will support the lie
What else will she do?
For she will have no job and no money of her own

Every morning as usual I will boast of my love for her
And the understanding between us
Barely remembering the last night
And as usual she will make me my food
And kiss me good-day
Waiting for another night when the charade will end
And the monster in me will drink on her soul 
And relish in her helplessness