Ideas in Antiquity Journal 9

To be alone with your thoughts is to be able to concentrate on one individual thought or idea without being distracted. Multitasking is something that cannot help you be alone with your thoughts because you’re focusing on too many things at once. Focusing and concentrating on one thing is one way to achieve solitude, based on the article. Another way to achieve solitude is friendship. Introspection comes into play here because it means talking to yourself. A way for you to talk to yourself is by having a deep intimate conversation with someone who you aren’t afraid to be yourself with.

There are challenges that I face in thinking for myself. I multitask a lot by juggling school and my job. Bills, bills, bills and worrying if I have the money to pay my bills. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t really have a friend like someone explained in the article so I can’t really talk to myself and have a serious conversation without feeling like I’m being judged. The way I was brought up by my family clouds my judgement about things. Talking and hearing things from friends about certain topics automatically creates an opinion in my mind and it’s usually what was already said.

This article really has me thinking about how often do I really think for myself. I might have to change my way of thinking about some things so that I can form my own opinion even though I thought I was before. After reading this article, I can see now that I have changing to do in order to better myself as a person.

Second Exam

Over spring break, I have looked over my notes from the past few classes regarding what we have been talking about. I have been looking at Marcus Aurelius and Socrates. I’ve been reviewing stoic philosophy and how Socrates was viewed as a leader to some and a criminal to others. As long as I keep reviewing everything, I think I will do fine on the exam.

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