Tkeycoin Products Release: Updated Schedule

We are ready to inform our investors about the Tkeycoin plan of actions for the next several weeks!

For today (April 15, 2019) we plan the wallets release and the official start of TKEY mining. Please note that the releases of our products designed for different platforms are planned for different dates.

Thus, the Linux compatible software will become available today.

The software for MacOS is to be released on Apr 17–18, and the release of the software for Windows is scheduled for the period between the 20th and 23rd of April.

This timing is explained, primarily, by the operational features of the above-mentioned OS, as well as by some differences in configuration settings.

We decided to make our platform as user-friendly as possible, therefore the wallet and mining software will be integrated into the unified client service, thus becoming a part of the same program.

All that you will have to do is to download this program, start it on your device and then follow the hints of the system. A step-by-step guide will be available in our educational center and in your personal account.

Please be patient, and remember that we have your best interests in mind. And, if you’re a Linux user — get prepared for the upcoming release. You will be able to give the wallet a test as soon as today!

Your Tkeycoin team

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