Leaving Twitter & Facebook

My Twitter hiatus is now my Twitexit. I have been thinking about leaving Twitter for quite a while. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but there’s been this gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction with the platform, experience and politics of the place for a long time. Here’s just a few of the reasons:

  1. Suppression of incorrect political opinion;
  2. Follower churn — I suspect for the purpose of limiting the number of new followers;
  3. Snark. Endless snark;
  4. Egos. So many egos;
  5. Lack of free and open dialogue;
  6. Rigged and stupid trending hashtags;
  7. A personal feeling of having to be inauthentic on the platform to get new followers;
  8. The consistent erring on the side of blaming a side rather than seeking to get to the root of the problem;
  9. The compulsion to keep pumping out more Tweets in order to maintain a certain status — whether Klout score or otherwise;
  10. Credit hogging — me, me, me, me, me saved the world again;
  11. People who only follow you so you’ll follow them back

It’s literally making me a little anxious just thinking about it right now. I have no need to be part of a platform that makes me feel worse rather than better. Twitter isn’t spreading joy. It isn’t making my life better.

Don’t take this the wrong way though. I have met lots of great people on Twitter. Dale Pinkert, aka ForexStopHunter, has been generous in helping spread my technical analysis work related to currencies, commodities, stock indices and more. Trader Moe has generously shared and praised much of my work, including my successful vote and electoral vote forecasting of the 2016 Presidential Election. There are far too many people to thank for listening to and following me since I started on Twitter back in October 2007.

But, it’s time to move on. Twitter, at least for me, isn’t the same place I used to love to visit. It is often a meaner and more bitter place. It’s full of fantastic memes, interesting links, and you can make some connections you wouldn’t make anywhere else. Too much time spent there also can diminish your capability to engage in long-form writing and deep thinking. All of this engagement in now, now, now and new, new, new is losing the present and undermining the foundation for the future. You can’t build a life with a smartphone while Tweeting in one hand and a T.V. clicker in the other.

Facebook is just another disappointment too. Again, I don’t want friends and family to take this the wrong way. It’s really nice being able to see those family photos. It’s interesting to learn what long lost friends have been doing all of these years. But much of it doesn’t feel very personal. There is a sense of desperation that infests much of Facebook that somebody is living a better life. But who can tell because Facebook posts and photos aren’t life. They are an image that we present to the world of who we are and/or who we want to be. But, the sum of my life isn’t, hasn’t been, and never will be an addition of subtraction of my social media posts.

My life is friends, family, time spent together, laughter, joy, pain, suffering, grief, sunsets, cold, hot, disappointment, defeat, victory, memories and all the rest. When I die will anybody say, “That Terry Kinder was a champion on Twitter and Facebook!”? Will anybody even notice that I’m gone?

So, I’m stepping away from Twitter and Facebook. Facebook, maybe in part because of my ADHD and social awkwardness, has always been a less pleasant experience than Twitter, but both are something that I’m putting to one side.

I will continue to have an online presence in the following locations:

Stock Twits — Smaller audience, but more focused on stock markets, commodity, currency prices, technical analysis that interests me

Gab — Like Twitter, if Twitter respected other points of view, didn’t ban you for no reason and without an iPhone app because Apple doesn’t respect all points of view either

Medium — I used to write a lot more before I let Twitter take over my brain. 140 characters doesn’t always cut it. While an economy of words has its place, it’s hard to communicate much meaning in so few words

That’s it. Thanks everyone for the follows and the conversation over the past few years. I hope if you enjoy the things I Tweet, write and say you’ll check out one of the above links. No matter what, I wish you all the best wherever your journey takes you.