President Trump Can Fix Health Care Today

President Trump doesn’t need Congress to pass any new health care legislation in order to fix health care in the United States. The only thing he needs to do is enforce current anti-trust legislation in order to to crush the medical-insurance-pharmaceutical monopoly.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that Congress has no interest in fixing health care, unless by fixing you mean maintaining “the fix” that allows insurance and pharmaceutical companies to rob the public.

Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker has written for years about this. He has even proposed a one sentence bill to fix the mess.

You can’t take your car to a mechanic for service without getting a quote for the work to be done. But, you can walk into a hospital and receive treatment and have no idea what the cost will be until you get the bill.

There are hospitals and doctor’s offices where this doesn’t happen. My local doctor practices concierge medicine, charges a monthly fee that allows me to visit as many times as necessary per month without worrying about co-pays and visit costs, and the prices for many medications, labs, etc., are listed right on a web site for anyone to see.

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma lists prices for procedures right on their web page.

The one “catch”, if you want to call it that, is that these are cash prices. My concierge doctor and the Surgery Center of Oklahoma aren’t accepting insurance.

Insurance is a scam. It was a fix for a problem Congress created back when Franklin Roosevelt was president. That problem was wage and price controls. Insurance was “the fix” for Congress meddling in the ability of businesses to negotiate wages with workers. Since then, each fix has only made matters worse. Now the latest fix, Obamacare, threatens to collapse the whole medical system. Some people think the collapse of the system was a feature and not a bug of Obama’s monstrosity.

Regardless, health care can be fixed even if the Republicans in Congress aren’t willing to let go of the apron strings of the health care lobbyists. President Trump simply needs to enforce current anti-trust laws. Prices for health care must be transparent. The B.S. must stop now!

Denninger has a lot more to say about how to end the health care scam here.

Whether by accident, or design, President Trump’s push to repeal (and replace) Obamacare has shown that Congress really isn’t interested in fixing health care at all. If Congress won’t fix it, then President Trump can, and should, fix it on his own.