Goal Number Two:

My second goal as a public speaker is to portray a sense of confidence throughout my speeches.

During the quarter, I strive to develop a greater sense of confidence in my work and speeches as I believe it will help me inside, and outside of the classroom. At the present time, I am aware that I am not a confident speaker as I stress over things (such as how I am perceived) that should not be the main concern of stress. This can often prove to be distracting which allows for a tremendous amount of potential growth throughout the quarter. I know the confidence I hope to gain will help me recognize what I have accomplished which is important in creating an individual’s motivation. Personally, I have noticed that I am more motivated based off recent success (as opposed to recent failure) which is why I am invested in creating a greater sense of confidence during my speeches. Naturally, this will come from successful speeches throughout the quarter, but in order to get to that point, I will have to focus on my goal from day to day activities. As a firm believer in the philosophy that big results come from many little actions, I will start with the simple task of daily affirmations. By taking time out of my day to tell myself positive, inspirational messages, I expect to see a change in the way I carry myself. This is important because the way a speaker carries themselves can be noticed in their presentations, and overall will contribute to how credible they seem to be. From here, I will be able to focus on other components of confidence such as showing “natural and direct eye contact”, giving a “confident smile”, and utilizing a “diaphragmatic voice” which are key suggestions of Preston Ni (psychologytoday.com). It is important to note that this goal is different from my number one goal. The reason that these two goals are so different is because my number one goal focused on the audience, instead of negatively upon myself, while my number two goal is to focus on myself, but rather, in a positive light.

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