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Ah as if directly on cue one of the witless hordes leaps in to defend the trash clogging up the internet, how symptomatic and predictable. You evidently don’t know what trolling is all about. I object against people getting away with undeserved airs. I have sat idly by on the internet most of my adult life and watched people like you lap up this kind of toilet paper — incidentally, looking at your other comments on medium it extends outside of poetry — making you a case in point (So thank you there).

I’ll say whatever I want to say, you want to put content out there then prepare for people like me to slam it. Yes I am gonna be that guy. If everyone nowadays gets the right to spew second rate stuff on the internet to the extent that i cant even find the worthwhile stuff then I’m calling it out and i do not apologize for that because it’s my freedom of speech asshole. The right to produce content does not extend you the right to not be criticised… heavily. This is a free market of ideas and I’ve decided to point out what I think is rubbish. Disagree with me all you want but seriously me and my wild eyes (Thank god some of us are still wild eyed, not cosy, domesticated, regurgitating caged things.) are here to stay. Come at me bro.

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