Dear World, Have no Fear; Islam is a Beautiful Religion
Ezinne Ukoha

There is no way of convincing you that you are in a relationship with a subroutine in your brain that you call your god. But let’s not be coy about islam. It has dangerous ideas at its core. While I am totally against religion in principle, essentially Jesus was a hippie who was crucified. He was never described in his own book as killing several people (including beheading non-beleivers) and taking 14 year-old brides as his own. Mohammed was a warlord prophet which is why ISIS can easily justify their actions as directly endorsed by the voice of allah, the perfect example that is mohammed. Since none of you religious types will stop beleiving in this stuff, focus more on suggesting how islam might reform itself than defending it indescriminately and poetically. I live a moral life without god. How do I do this? Well ask yourself, how do pirhanas in a feeding frenzy not eat eachother? do they have a moral code that prohibits pirhanas from eating one another? No. It is because pack animals, especially mamals and even more so primates do so well because they leverage the benefits of social cohesion. I take my cues from what feels right. Actions that promote the good of the group (the himan race) are deemed good, and those that promote the good of the self at the expense of the group are deemed bad. This is coded in our genetic wiring and its power and beauty is enough to fascinate and inspire me to tears. Try and find the strength to face your mortality, dont push fantasy on otherssince you deny them the true beauty of the universe and certainly dont defend the demonstrably eroneous and disgusting literal foundation of islam.

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