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Jessica Semaan

Unemployment is only ~4% in SF I believe. Should have many going about. Please find one and never ever give it up.

Please don’t make me write a poem in response to this to show you how simple the concept underneath is.

Incidentally, I have never heard of the ‘Poet on the Rise’ award nor when searching for it including your name did anything come up. So unless Google is broken, it either means very little on the serious circuits or worse yet is something you just invented.

The reason I don’t put my poetry up on medium is because I know it will drown out the words of legitimate poets who take it seriously and have beautiful things to describe. If everyone has a go then it’s like the whole Yelp Vs Food Critics thing. Nobody benefits and advice gets watered down. Sorry I just don’t consider myself a good poet but I consider myself better than you so if you feel an iota of restraint in subjecting us all to what you must know deep down cant be very good, I implore you to listen to that voice of reason, however inaudible it is.

Maybe 7000 followers does something to you where you start to believe your own hype but let me be the ‘reality man’ to your ‘safe space’ and tell you that your poems are terrible. Like those magazines you get at the dentists when you wait to have your gums hacked apart. The only difference is I’d sooner survive around with Dr Primet and his hacksaw than floss my brain clean of its contents with your easy to digest drivel.

Stand aside, as I do to devoted poets who need an audience. Focus on promoting their works, all you are doing is giving the witless masses Stevia instead of good ol’ cane sugar with their Starbucks. It’s sweet but let’s be honest, it’s not the same.

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