Day Three: Foundations

Today’s Super Simple Lesson: “How you make your money is more important than how much money you make”

-Gary V

I learned this lesson pretty harshly actually. I worked for 3 years without a set of values and no real foundation. Everything was just random and I was a leaf in the wind.

Any new shiny strategy or idea was where my attention went.

I was interested in everything, but committed to nothing and that got me nowhere very slowly.

Any money I did make was temporary or cost more than it was worth.

The foundation you create on is more important than what you build on it. If it’s not solid and true, whatever you build will always come falling through.

Needless to say, I lost more than I gained and everything I did came crashing down in the end.

I had to ask myself, “What’s your foundation?”

I didn’t have one. I had nothing to build upon and therefore nothing holding me up and supporting my decisions.

I spent all that time and I’m finally learning and developing a solid one.

My foundation is my values:






Upon these, every action, business move, habit and belief I have is based on them. My life is built upon these values and because of that I’m more sure of myself. I have confidence in what I do and I don’t question myself.

I have yet to have any tangible results from this but a solid foundation you believe in gives you infinite possibilities!


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