Day Two: Intent is Everything!

Today’s super Simple Lesson: Intent deeply matters

This is one way people, especially entrepreneurs, get in their own way like I did for so long. People can sense your intentions on a certain level.

I had always had the thought that I wanted to make money. My dreams and visions were surrounded and based on my own success. I didn’t wish bad on others but I did only focus on myself.

Most people won’t even deal with you when your driven by selfish, negative intentions. I remember nobody other than my closest friends wanted to work with me because I did care about them.

Other people didn’t even seem to operate on my wavelength. It still happens sometimes now; however I’m focusing on building a bigger vision. I do believe in other people.

The TranscendenceMovement, now that I have started it, has always been something I believed would encompass the world. All humans, regardless of anything in our lives. I believe that we can do and be better.

I used to think you become who you hang around, but it’s more like you attract what you are and then those people/ places/ things reinforce who you already are.

Practice Self Awareness and take a real look at your intentions!

I am doing that now and I am genuinely happier. I personally haven’t seen any direct growth or financial results or opportunities from it yet, but people just react to me differently.

It is like, you have a different smell or something. When someone senses it, they treat you accordingly. It is important, I’m just now learning how much after 3 years almost!

Change your Intention, change your life!

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