Where Are My Favorites?…

Gone are the days when we used to favorite tweets, we just like them now.

So I decided to pay more focus on my goals and let on distractions, one of them being Twitter. I have just over 100 likes, some were favorites a few years back. I had been using this folder as a bookmark for links I would catch up on later, which I never did. As a result my folder was filling up with clutter, links or information I thought I needed at the time but we are bombarded with information everyday that what was informative a year ago may not be so informative now.

Why did I keep favorites I never read? I’m curious, I always want to know more about any topic that grabs my attention, which leads to more distraction. A quick browse through my Twitter feed turns into minutes, even hours of information overload.

They had to go, all of them. I will find them when I need them. A long list of favorites feel like an endless task list which, by the way, ends up gathering dust instead of checks. We hoard information, it gives us an illusion of knowledge, or busyness. We feel like we are missing out when we let it slide, we’re eager to click the link when the headline sounds interesting enough.

Back to my favorites, most links were business related, with a few funny tweets here and there, and some warm mentions from my favorite people, as well as the times I trended, well someone has to keep relevance track. Now it’s all empty, all gone. Do I regret it? Not one bit, when I started Twitter in July 2009, I was virtually unknown, I’m still unknown, but back then I still hadn’t made any friends. I took time and effort to build rapport, and for what? Apart from the people I’ve met and some became friends, nothing else came out of it.

I tried deleting all my tweets to get a fresh start, position myself on a specific field or subject but I couldn’t get through all 90k of them, but the favorites were less of a challenge. No more bookmarks, whatever I find interesting, I have to execute on the spot. I’m also trying to be more focused on specific subjects, being a generalist is okay if you’re still trying to make friends but being everybody’s buddy can be both draining and boring.

Now that all favorites are gone, it feels like that annoyingly long task list is destroys, and I sleep better at night knowing I’m okay with missing out on some stuff. If it’s that important, I will find it. I’m often tempted these days to click that like button but I made a deal with myself and I intend keeping it. I had also made a promise to myself that I will never block anyone on Twitter, no matter how annoying, so far I’ve also kept that, maybe one day it might change, I don’t know.

No more favorites, no more guilt.

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