We The People

We are a nation no longer afraid of what accountability and integrity look like up close. In fact, character is now just as important of a prerequisite as being a citizen when it comes to aspiring to lead our nation! We were exploited exponentially by leaders who we gave our trust to and it hurt.

So now their predecessors no matter their tenure will be continually watched by our eyes through a magnifying glass. We as Bahamians hope they all understand and don't take it personally but we won't accept the status quo any longer.

You paid to and campaigned for this opportunity so all we ask is that you do your jobs. Show your people some modicum of empathy and never forget that day May 10th 2017. Because you can become like the others and be explicitly removed in shame!

Be able to walk away with your head held high, be able to have the Lord say well done though good and faithful servant.

Be there for your nation, we shouldn't have to search for you, be true to your nation we should never need to place you before a commission. Be there for your nation don't rape and pilfer it.

We expect better but understand you're not perfect. We expect more but understand that problems are to be encountered. We just ask that you communicate and be transparent.

Oh my new government please remember the 10th of May because if you stray, it will be replayed!

#WeThePeople #UnitedInLoveAndService #MarchOnBahamaLand