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Google is the king of all search engines. If you own a business in San Diego, getting your website ranking on the first page of Google is important. Over 85% of online users search on Google for products and services. Most businesses in San Diego have heard of search engine optimization also know as, SEO. Some businesses hire a SEO company or an in-house SEO consultant to assist in their SEO effort to obtain high search ranking in Google. Some business owners have tried to optimize their website themselves by reading topics on “How To SEO” .

When it come to optimizing your website for your San Diego business, search engine optimization can be challenging. SEO is not something that can be learn over night. Reading articles on “How To SEO”, can give you an insight but , will not help your website rank on Google. Ranking is base on an algorithm created by Google. Google constantly change their algorithm in order to make their search engine more informative. There are SEO companies and consultants that offer SEO services but, don’t understand Google algorithm. There are a lot of businesses in San Diego that are working with these type of SEO companies and consultants. You’ve been trying to get your website on the first page of Google for over six months and no results to show for it. Now, you are questioning, is SEO really worth it? Trust, SEO is worth it, if done right.

google ranking san diego

There are a a lot of reasons your San Diego website isn’t ranking on the first page of Google. Here are a few.

  1. Not Targeting the right keywords or audience — This is simple, your business is located in San Diego County. Why focus on consumers outside of San Diego County? Your keywords should be targeted towards consumers in San Diego County Only.
  2. Improper Meta Tags — Some people will argue that Google doesn’t care about meta tags. This is false. Writing proper meta tags for your website play a good part in determining your search ranking.
  3. Improper internal linking structure — Internal linking is important. This method keeps Google on your website longer, decreases bounce rate, create more engagement and help with ranking.
  4. Web Design Errors — Fixing errors on your website is crucial. For example, 404’s, duplicate content, duplicate meta tags, no H1 tag found, broken links and more. Fixing errors on your website also play an important part in determine your ranking. Click here to request a website error analysis.
  5. Poor Content — These days, content is king. Having poor content on your website and blog will keep your website from ranking on the first page of Google. Stay away from SEO or content writing companies that rewrite or spin original content that’s already been publish online. These companies will definitely get you penalize by Google. Your content should be informative and relevant to your niche.
  6. Poor Back Links — This is one of the main reasons why your website is not ranking. Having a lot of poor back links could also get your website penalize by Google. Google want to see a good amount of natural links pointing back to your website. This means, websites linking to yours without you initiating the link. Initiating a link is call an unnatural link. An unnatural link is a link created by you. For example, submitting to directories. There is nothing wrong with having unnatural links. Especially, if they are high domain authority links. Having to many unnatural links with low domain authority can be a problem.

There are more reasons why your website is not ranking in Google. We will talk about those in another post later on. 🙂

TK Pitts is a SEO specialist at 99 Neighbors. 99 Neighbors is a local SEO company in San Diego, CA.

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