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Enlightening. This piece covered a lot of important topics in a way that was unexpected, but also insightful. It feels particularly relevant in a time when most media content seems to be intent on making us think it’s okay to be oblivious to flawed cultural norms, and ambivalent to passive and active slights against our fellow man. You could have simply left us with your opinions and insights (which itself would have been enough) but you chose to go one step further and empower your readers with the actual tools that could help them actually become contributors. For that, and the worthy challenge you have given us all, you have my gratitude.

I have wanted to contribute, truly, for quite some time now, but I haven’t for fear that my voice does not resonate like the professionals, and my words will reach no one. In the end though, I know the best way to ensure my words are left unspoken is to never speak them at all. I am trying and it is hard, but I will keep trying, because it wouldn’t be worth it if it were easy. Taking the time to write these small appreciations to people like yourself who keep reminding me to take a chance on myself, is my way of starting to grow. :)

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