Want to learn JavaScript ..Start from here .. :)

This is a walk-through of the steps I personally took in a couple of year, to begin learning JavaScript.

Yes , there is a better way to learn JavaScript, Let’s start Journey with JavaScript

Enter this journey with an open mind and no preconceptions on how you can utilise what you already know about coding from another language.

Now lets learn some basics, first port of call is to do something interactive. You could jump into a book like JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford (which I did!) but to me the book was a little too intense as a starting point.

Let’s start learning JavaScript

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language most commonly found in web browsers and web applications. It allows for running scripts client side, interact with the web page, and do things in an asynchronous nature. More recently it has found popularity on the server side with node.js and even in NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB. One can become a full stack engineer with just JS.

Your path way to get into JavaScript

Before learning javascript it’s good if you have good experience of working any scripting language otherwise it’s also good to start as beginner .

Follow these steps to get familiar with JavaScript

Step 01 : Start from beginning and learn how to write JavaScript code , how to declare variable JavaScript , functions, calling function and writing simple code snippets and executing them (You can just open chrome console by right click on browser screen and inspect and start wiring code)

Step 02 : Let’s move forward and refrain our knowledge on JavaScript here we have good resources on JavaScript by Kyle Simpson on git repos.

This is a series of books diving deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language. Fow now you can start with first two Books. These book starts off explaining the basic principles of programming at a very high level. It’s mostly intended if you are starting YDKJS with little to no prior programming experience

Step 03: Let’s move forward and get more into javascript world and understand prototypal object oriented features of javaScript with functional programming (blogs from Eric)

  • “The Two Pillars of JavaScript Part 1” on Prototypal OO, Eric Elliott (article, free)
  • “The Two Pillars of JavaScript Part 2” on Functional Programming (article, free)
  • Up & Going After this here we can go into much details about prototype and object oriented features .You will see Objects in JavaScript have an internal property, denoted in the specification as [[Prototype]], which is simply a reference to another object. Almost all objects are given a non-null value for this property, at the time of their creation.

Step 04: Now you should have knowledge on these topics of JavaScript

Some Important aspects of ES5 which you should be aware of

  1. Understanding JavaScript Function and Invocation
  2. JavaScript Function Arguments and function return
  3. Different Ways of Invocation of Function
  4. Introduction of Function Prototype
  5. JavaScript Function Argument Object
  6. Understanding JavaScript Closure
  7. JavaScript Function Chaining
  8. Prototypal inheritance

Reference for Quick recap

Step 05: Javascript Basic are done and **Now you know Javascript ** and can start with Learning Javascript phase-2


This blog is for learning basic for js beginners After this Blog to learn advance JavaScript you can switch to 2nd part of this series.

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