Ignorance is Bliss?

I’m a freshman at DePaul University, and I had a very disturbing presentation given to me this morning.

I have a class called “Discover Chicago”, and we have an hour long presentation every monday on how to be prepared on life, and the focus is always how “we don’t have to worry about this yet, but soon”. This disturbed me becuase its counter-intutive, condescending, and wrong.

This kind of preparation mindset is what a large majority of college students are stuck in, and they don’t even realize it. Is college a place of learning? Yes. Is it a business? Of course. It’s in their best interest to keep kids in college longer and not have them get smart and drop out because you know what that means? Less money. Why is an institution that’s supposed to be teaching ‘life skills’ and ‘necessary job skills’ telling us that we can put off the only real thing that matters, working on getting a job after?

So I might be a “only a freshman”, but I’m not stupid, and I certainly understand the basic concepts of getting a job. One of the most utterly frustrating things in the entire presentation these two “career center” employees is when one of the heads of the department was talking about signing up for Handshake. This is a LinkedIn-type social network for companies to work with Depaul. In signing up, just like linked in, or really most social networks, you need to fill out your past jobs and interests and write up your pitchs to companies and the like.

“Now, I know this is a lot of work, filling out your interests and hobbies. Don’t worry about it though! You have four years to do this, so take your time! It’s really meant mostly for seniors!”


I pay all this money to come to this school, and even those are supposed to motivating us to get jobs are telling us to slow down, take our time, and wait?

Is that really what college is about?

I think that’s wrong, and I think it’s that kind of thinking that makes people complacent, ignorant, and okay with ‘average’. I would say something needs to change, but why would anything when it could hurt profits?

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