Why Risk It?

I am a teenager who never really grew out of skateboarding, and so have been using it for transportation all around campus. The other day, I was keeping up with my friend on his bike, and had to veer on the sidewalk to avoid a car. Now, chicago sidewalks aren’t like normal sidewalks. It could be smooth for four blocks then all of the sudden there is the biggest displacement of a slab of concrete you’ve ever seen. Needless to say, I hit this edge of the sidewalk going full speed, and flew an easy twenty feet.

Some people would look at this story and point out the obvious fact taht if I just hadn’t been skatingboarding, I would be fine! Why on earth would I knowingly put myself in a high risk situation?

Now the short answer is an easy one, becuase I love skateboarding, but this is just one part of my life that’s risky. Taking risks every day is something I prioritize, from the little things like striking up conversation with someone I don’t know to moving to a new city.

For me, I take risk because life is too short to be sitting around scared of something, so I act. It’s not like people are never nervous, everyone gets nervous, it’s just being able to say “I’m nervous, but I’m going to do it anyways” that really can put you in a whole new league of motivated people.