“You’re Wrong!”

Arguing and debating is a part of life, it happens daily, it will continue to happen. Here I just wanted to share my thoughts on the idea that every argument has to be ‘win or lose’.

Representation of the average comment section on Youtube.

I will be the first to admit that I get angry sometimes, I yell, and I say that the other person is dead wrong and there is no possibility they could be write. The truth of the matter though, for most big issues, there is no “right” and “wrong”, there is a whole lot of grey area. Most people don’t want to hear that, much less try and apply it to their lives.

There are always going to be different people who are wholly convinced that a certain different idea is correct, the issue is when we lose sight of the fact that other people hold their belief just as strongly, there is no way we will convince them otherwise. A plague of this is going around on social media, and it can be very tempting to grab your keyboard, smash that caps lock button, and go at it. The issue is, this accomplishes nothing.

Literally, nothing.

Thousands of fights are going on right now that will accomplish nothing except incite anger all around the world to no end, and those harsh feelings have a domino effect and can effect everyone around you in your life.

So I ask you look at your time each day, and if you’re spending time trying to convince people they’re wrong, cut it out. You’re wasting your time.

You don’t have to get other people to LOSE, before you can WIN.

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