Forgot Restrictions Passcode?
Joshua Dance

You can do this without any sketchy Russian tools! Follow his guide until you have a non-encrypted backup saved to disk. — — Begin new instructions — -
1: Inside iTunes, go to Preferences -> Devices -> Backups -> Click backup you just made -> Show in Finder
2: Go to that same folder in Terminal. If you don’t know how to do this you should probably just quit now
3: Insider terminal in the backup folder, run this command: grep -r “SBParentalControlsMCContentRestrictions” .

The command will run for sometime (reading every file in the backup) and return an answer like this:

Binary file ./66/662bc19b13aecef58a7e855d0316e4cf61e2642b matches

Binary file ./68/6864ad109ee00e53c91fd85037a25a278a38c389 matches

Binary file ./95/95f425d116407dcb0e79f64ef9becb332ea6ca77 matches
4: You now need to convert those binary files to XML. Run this command: plutil -convert xml ./66/662bc19b13aecef58a7e855d0316e4cf61e2642b -o ~/Desktop/out.xml
Obviously, replace the filename “./66/…” with the filename your grep command found. For every file you convert, create a new output file like out2.xml, out3.xml, etc.
5: After running the plutil command for each file, you should now have an XML version of each binary file on your desktop. Open each one until you find the file matching his XML file in the tutorial.
6: Edit the matching XML file as instructed in the tutorial.
7: Convert the XML file back to binary by reversing the command you ran earlier with the correct filenames. Command: plutil -convert binary1 ~/Desktop/out.xml -o ./66/662bc19b13aecef58a7e855d0316e4cf61e2642b

You should now have successfully edited the backup. 
8: (Optional)You can verify by running the command again and checking: plutil -convert xml1 ./66/662bc19b13aecef58a7e855d0316e4cf61e2642b -o ~/Desktop/out5.xml
Open the file and make sure your edits stuck.

9: Restore from your edited backup and the restriction code is now 1234!

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