1. The Steven King story where his ears got pierced was quite gruesome, and I could feel the pain that he was feeling. When he said he screamed and yelled I could imagine myself on that table doing the same. The story with the babysitter was interesting because I felt like the mom didn’t really care about her son, and that she only cared about her shoes. The story abut Steven dropping the cinder block on his foot was interesting because no one could remember if he went to the hospital or not.

2. One time when we went to Arches National Park, in Utah, I almost passed out. My brother dad and I went to go down the trail. It started out as a forty foot climb up the side of the wall. When we made it to the top we followed the rock piles along the trail. At one of the rock piles my dad jokingly rotated the top rock and said “ now there’s going to be someone not knowing which way to go.” We all laughed and continued a long the trail. We had three bottles of water so we spared what we had so we would have enough for a return trip.

When we made it to the arch it was a magnificent sight. I was just happy to sit In the shade. As we walked around under the arch my brother jump from one side to the other because it was fun.

Then we started going back. It was a two and a half mile hike in the beating three o’clock sun. I remember the walk back seemed to be several hours. It was so hot that I thought I was ice cream melting. I could feel my sweat dripping off of me as we walked just how icecream drips in the heat. As we were running low on water I was taking a drink my dad said “ we all need some so don’t drink it all” I could tell that he knew how parched I was.

As we neared the beginning of the trail where we parked I suddenly started feeling cold. When we made it to the wall all I focused on was getting down. When we finally made it to my dads truck, we pulled out bottles of water and the last Gatorade we had left. We poured the Gatorade into the frozen bottle and shared it as we cooled off.