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Team Davor,

Your Tutorial on Auto-reinvestment is absolutely inadequate for any member to participate. Although, its a good investment for any member who really wants to stake both he’s capital and earned interest for more than 10 Years.My simple analysis can give you a clear picture of what members were innocently forced to sign in, thinking they were on the right side of investment. If you have invested 1001$–5000$, your interest is 1.1% + Volatility rate. Lets take your interest as 10$ on 1001$, it means when you activated Auto reinvestment on your loan, you will have access to only a daily interest of (Average of 1% of 10$) 0.10 for 299 days before your 10$ (now your new capital ) could be released to your USD wallet.

Therefore,lets take a little statistics on how long you will be tied to your loan( maybe eternity).

Initial Capital= 1001$. (Capital back = 299 day + 120 days of option luck if taken)

  1. Day 1 : daily interest 1.1% =11$, after Auto reinvestment= 0.11 $
  2. Day 2 : daily Interest 1.5%= 15$, After Auto reinvestment =0.23 $
  3. Day 3 : daily Interest 1.8% = 18$, After Auto reinvestment = 0.32$

This AR interest will be accessible and the amount is based on daily interest rate for another 299 Days before each of the Interest earned on initial capital (i,e 10$, 15$, 19$ e.t.c) could be released to you after maturity days of 299 (each release on different date based on the date of Auto Reinvestment.)

Date of initial Investment = 01/01/2018, Capital Back Date=18/10/2018

Day 1 daily Interest reinvestment date = 02/01/2018, CB Date=19/10/2018

Day 2 daily interest reinvestment date =03/01/2018, CB Date = 20/10/2018

If you received daily interest on your initial Capital for 299 days before your Capital Back Date, it simply means you will get each of you daily interest, which is now your new capital, back after 299 days your date of investment.

299 X 299 X 299 …….. Common this is not reasonable, I cant just calculate the last date for my Earned Interest Return. the result is Error…… ….

Just make sure you give your Davor password to your next of kin to receive your bonus after death.

In conclusion: Team Davor/, kindly revise this your endless Auto-reinvestment lending package. Let the members choose when to reinvest and when to end their reinvestment packages if you really want to stay long as you have claimed.

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