7 Must Have Apps For CIOs/CTOs

Mobile app usage has increased exponentially in recent years and a majority of consumers rely on apps each day; from extracting weather forecasts and getting around traffic, to enhancing work productivity and task management.

“People in the US have an average of 41 apps installed on their smartphones”, according to Nielson.

Given the different roles CIOs play today — as influencers, tech leaders, strategists, etc. — they are left with too much to do in too little time. Everyone wants to be consistently informed, have ready access to networks and manage their affairs remotely. This is true not only for CIOs but for most professionals, and being professional is about being on top of your stuff. But, keeping your stuff together is not possible unless you have the right set of tools with you.

Fortunately for them, the appification of everything promises to deliver tangible solutions. Demand for apps that increase collaboration, productivity and efficiency is higher than ever before, therefore a lot more apps are being rolled out on the market. But with over three million apps available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store en masse, it becomes absolutely confusing to pick out the best apps to help you increase productivity and efficiency. The thing is, how many of these apps are indeed convenient? Do they really help you to perform better? And perhaps, the most important thing to ask, do your apps allow you complete freedom to work on the move?

So to help you take advantage of present-day technology and increase your productivity, we came up with a list of our most recommended apps. Following are seven apps we love using at work and which have been tested time and again by our experts to increase productiveness at all levels.

LinkedIn Pulse:

Focused on the professional use case, LinkedIn Pulse is extremely useful for top executive leaders, especially CIOs, CTOs and VPs who are supposed to remain on top of their jobs.

Pulse aims to reanimate your reading experiences by curating professionally relevant content from a broad list of categories — technology, business, science, politics, lifestyle, etc. to provide you all “the news and insights you need to know”. It integrates your interests, groups and sharing habits to help tailor your news feed to your interests.

To make for a delightful user experience, the app also has compelling features, and a neat and well organized, easy-to-use interface.

CIOs are executive leaders and to lead others, one must first be knowledgeable. CIOs can boost their productivity and enhance efficiency by remaining well informed on the latest developments in their relevant domains. Knowledgeable CIOs are much likely to deliver more, stay on track and be well prepared to excel professionally.

This ability to discharge a flashflood of information at the mere click of a button makes Pulse a highly recommended app for CIOs to help discover news stories related to their interests and rejuvenate productivity in a streamlined manner.


CIOs are functional multitaskers and are always on the go. Keeping tabs on tasks can prove challenging for them, because of the dynamic nature of their jobs and hence, hamper productivity. To help you deal with this challenge, we picked Trello as the most reliable resource.

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards, offering perspectives into both personal productivity and collaborative projects. You can set your Trello boards to be informative in a jiffy and reflect what’s being worked on, what the progress status is, who’s working on what, and what actions have been taken on any particular project in the past.

Trello allows you to take control of your time, activities and plans by setting up separate boards for each team member or group, and listing due tasks. Tasks can be categorized in several lists and can be reorganized with ease. Also, each section can be labelled as critical, urgent, important or not prioritized. You can also attach notes and files to each card as you work. This way, you and your team can stay on track, be aware of the agenda in Sprint discussions, and work on things in order of priority and urgency.

The ability to jot down a quick note, save names of people and information, all on the go, is an added value. As a CIO, you’ll find Trello to be extremely useful when managing projects, organizational tasks and long term goals for the company.

Trello is available as a free resource on your computers as well as on Android, iOS and Kindle devices, and works in real time across all devices.

Use it to plan and think out of the box, design a vacation, and manage your household or anything else. It’s simple!


The perfect brainstorming tool for thought leaders, MindNode offers a one-stop solution for CIOs. With its clutter-free, streamlined interface, you can conceive and connect your ideas perfectly without having to worry about how complicated your thoughts get; MindNode can accommodate everything.

Users are able to create nodes and arrange them as connected ideas or objectives. Under each node, several sub-nodes can be added to list the things (people, products, etc.) required to complete an objective. You can also attach images and add styles to these nodes. This allows users to create maps of people, products and companies on their agenda, and to develop new strategies or modify existing ones.

MindNode also allows users to color code a node to show its importance. When done with an objective, tap the relevant node to recolor it and show its status as completed. MindNode is very useful for organizing thoughts around a project, especially when collaborating with team members.

Users can share entire projects with others via Dropbox or upload it directly to their iCloud for collaboration. The mind maps can also be exported to PDF and other formats, a utility by which you can have all your plans at hand whenever needed.

With the ability to map your business development programs and set goals, marking relevant people and products at every stage, MindNode becomes a quintessential productivity booster. Besides this, the portability allows increased inclusion and convenience when attending events and conferences.

MindNode is available on iPhone/iPad for a one-time fee of $9.99 or $19.99 on Mac.


Slack is essentially a team communication and collaboration platform, allowing coworkers to chat, share pictures and files, or send direct messages. What really distinguishes it from its competitors is that it allows users to search and archive conversations. In moments, you are able to retrieve snippets from your conversations or files, and even from other cloud apps that the team might have been co-using like Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter or GitHub.

CIOs can rely on Slack for an extremely simplified work experience. For executive leaders, Slack’s messaging, file sharing, and universal search appeal as indispensable utilities, along with smart notifications and alerts. It is also very convenient to sync all connected devices in real time. The main difference lies in the way you interact with your coworkers within Slack. Almost everything that comes through your inbox can be shared, commented on, served and starred (images, PDFs, text, Google Documents, etc.).

With Slack, team members and leaders are able to focus on their jobs promptly. There’s an increased probability of staff members discussing things that have seldom been discussed before, making for better knowledge sharing and interaction. CIOs can also oversee projects better, provide useful inputs and set new goals, or follow up on earlier assigned tasks in a very convenient atmosphere, allowing for increased collaborative efforts and output efficiency.

Slack also comes with a desktop version, unlike most other contemporary collaboration tools, so you can manage everything on the go, without having to waste valuable time.

With all these features, who wouldn’t want to be ‘Slack-ing’? This is a must have app for all to increase productivity and get more work done without unnecessary fuss.


Contactually is an online customer relations management platform for people who value their networks.

For CIOs, Contactually is an obvious choice, as it is easy to setup and integrates easily with existing CRM pipeline software like Salesforce and Highrise. The best thing about Contactually is that it automatically organizes your contacts into Buckets (groups) and updates your database by syncing across email, social media (including LinkedIn) and your phone, keeping tabs on your meetings and reminding you of when and about what you last spoke with a contact. Plus it gives you follow-up reminders to reengage with an important person whom you haven’t spoken to recently.

Contactually also comes with email templates, based on a new suite of 2.0 features, which help you make sense of what to say in your follow-up efforts. These email templates keep your most frequently used messages close by so you can quickly respond or initiate a conversation.

The platform is available for teams as well, allowing you to share contacts, collaborate on follow-ups, and help develop stronger corporate relationships for your company. You can’t miss an opportunity to stay on top of your team’s needs with Contactually.

With its incredibly simple interface and user-friendly set-up process, Contactually can actually help your business grow by generating referrals and cycle business opportunities based on your network in merely days. To keep your relations warm and prevent people from falling out of your circles, Contactually is the most reliable resource available.


Who likes a bulky wallet stuffed with hundreds of business cards? We don’t.

Entrepreneurs and business executives attend many meetings, meet a lot of people and exchange several business cards. Shuffling all these cards can be annoying. Most people keep diaries of contact information or have assistants manually feed data onto contact sheets, wasting a lot of valuable time.

CamCard provides CIOs with a simple solution by accurately transcribing information obtained from a picture of a business card as legible data and automatically filing it in your address book.

You can quickly review the information to double check the credentials and make sure information is entered correctly. CamCard is reliable and well known for its accuracy; you can expect minor errors between a letter or two (a ‘5’ is translated as an ‘S’ for example).

Another plus for this app is its ability to categorize business cards in several groups and to keep the original card’s photo as a backup.

This is a must-have app for executive leaders and businessmen who travel and socialize a lot. This saves them a lot of time and trouble.

CamCard is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

Google Docs:

Our best guess is that you are already using Google Docs; if you aren’t, why not?

Google Docs is an easy-to-use, well-crafted mobile word processor capable of easily importing and exporting files in the most essential document file types, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF. Google Docs almost single-handedly satisfies your appetite for word processing utilities.

Its most useful feature, perhaps, is its streamlined integration with Google Drive, allowing you to automatically store files on the cloud as well as keeping them locally on the device being used. This reduces any risks of losing unsaved changes — we know how it feels to lose hours of work after a crash. This automatic synchronization also ensures that the document you are working on is the latest version and is up-to-date. You can also share your documents with others to collaborate on a project and work remotely, a plus for everyone!

You can also integrate several useful add-ons to improve efficiency and increase productivity. For example, the Remove Duplicates add-on is a great asset to remove multiple entries which you might have overlooked while working on the move.

Google Docs is available free for iOS and Android devices, and can be accessed on the web as well.


The problem with many productivity apps is that it takes too much time to learn them. If anything could be worse, it would be insufficient integration options available when you’re trying to work your way around.

Each of our selected apps serves a different purpose, but all of these apps are crucial to and consolidate your workflow. With so many resources and tools available for providing information and assistance, finding pearls in the ocean can be a challenging task. So, we stuck with apps that simplify, synthesize and integrate valuable functions to create a better work experience.

Originally published at www.tkxel.com.