AztecaDAO (🎮,🎮) (ENG)

We believe this technology will disrupt the whole gaming industry, where web 2.0 players played and generated no value with your money and time. Web 3.0 changes this relationship empowering players to accrue value while playing, creating new inside game economies, and a shift on the value proposition model.

DEFI for the new gaming economies.

Gaming economies will be powered by DEFI and new ways to extract value will appear like, labor markets, yield generating assets, and IP platform revenue.

Community is the meaning for AztecaDAO.

AztecaDAOs purpose is to build a tier 1 “Hispano” gaming community powered by web 3.0 tools. With the following ethos.

  • Decentralization; assets owned by the DAO are represented by AZ token.
  • Democratization assets; assets on web3.0 can be concentrated on the first investors, with AztecaDAO assets will be owned by AZ token-holders.
  • Community first; a place to encounter with each other, to thrive and rise no matter where u come from powered by 3.0 tools.

*Create opportunities for community members to earn while playing games with scholars.

Why Ohm-fork is the best fit for AztecaDAO

The ohm model provides 2 solutions that are crucial to build a strong owned community treasury.

Fair launch where early supports take the risk and if succeed they are highly rewarded.

The treasury design of other guilds is not well suited for a DAO model. One key component of a guild game is owning a strong treasury to lease the assets to community members. The treasury model DAOs have adopted are, unfair or won’t scale, why? Because in order to expand their treasury they will have to dump their token and dilute early supporters.

Treasury powers AZTECA.

Our business model is to own in-game assets from different games and lease them to individuals in our community. The fairest and decentralized approach is an OHM fork where we can build our treasury with the support of our community. (3,3) model.

OHM-fork mechanics.

BONDERS: provide LP (assets USDC) in exchange for discounted AZ tokens after a fixed vesting period.

STAKERS: Stakers stake their AZ on the AZTECA website to earn rebase rewards. The rebase rewards come from the proceed from bond sales, and can vary based on the number of AZ staked in the protocol and the reward rate set by monetary policy.

What’s ahead for AztecaDAO

First steps; Build a treasury with the Ohm model and kick start the scholarship to community members.

The next steps anon?.. Come and join our community and be part of something bigger.





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