Bran The Creator?

Game of Thrones has twisted its audience’s emotions back and fourth, from killing fan favorites such as the original king in the north, Robb Stark; to the satisfying death of Ramsey Bolton. With so many prominent characters making big moves in the most dangerous game for the Iron Throne, the one character in the show that is the most important part of the game is Brandon Stark. Bran now posses the power to watch over and possibly control every characters decision throughout the show. Bran’s choices for the rest of his life decide the fate of almost every character in the show, therefore making Bran the most dangerous character on Game of Thrones and possibly the creator of George R. Martin’s fantasy world.

Ever since Bran started to warg, fans knew that he was special. Bran has progressively become more significant to every character’s storyline throughout the show. Bran is the only character who can access or interact with every character. Game of Thrones is known for the different plots progressing throughout the show. When Bran was introduced to the Three Eyed-Raven he learned how to watch over the entire world past, present, and future.

Many theories have been presented as to what Bran has affected or will affect in the show. My personal favorite is the Mad King Theory; which discusses the idea that Bran warged back to the past during Aerys II Targaryen’s rule and tried to convince the Mad King to prevent the white walkers from ever going past the wall. In theory Bran wants to prevent the white walkers from posing a threat to anyone in Westeros including the first instance in the pilot episode but it just drives the Mad King insane. If this theory is proven true, then it will be confirmed that Bran can attempt to alter the past.

Another theory regarding Bran; is the Bran the Builder Theory. In the beginning of the first season when Bran is pushed out of the window, Bran’s caretaker tells him stories about the past with heroes and monsters. The caretaker once tells him the story of Bran the Builder who lived hundreds of years ago during the time of the First Men. Bran the Builder supposedly built the wall that stands between the living and the dead. There is no explanation for how the wall was physically put up, however Uncle Benjen in the season 6 finale gave the fans some insight about the wall’s upbringing. As Bran approaches the wall, Uncle Benjen says he cannot go any further because the wall is not just made of Ice and rocks but contains spells that restrict the dead from passing. The only person in Westeros who had the power to put a spell of that magnitude on the wall would have been Bran who warged back in time to prevent the Night King and his army from going south.

With all of the speculation regarding Bran’s powers and their limitations, Bran is the most important character in the show and every other character is just a pawn in his game of chess. The spells put on the wall and Bran’s abilities to influence the past are just a few of the many hints that Bran could potentially be the most threating and controlling character in the show.