How good is LinkedIn?

I have not used LinkedIn at all up until this point, however I find it to be fairly similar to the use of Facebook. The first thing I noticed when using LinkedIn is how it prompts you to make common connections with professors and students from the EJA program. This made me realize that it is important to have a presence on LinkedIn because of the possible connections made, posts shared, and common trends among those in your field or those with similar interests. With this comes the opening of doors to many other opportunities and job postings. Staying involved in many relevant groups broadens your horizon on what is prominent as of the most recent, which is a good thing regardless of being employed or not.

Since I just created a LinkedIn, I have not made many connections yet. I sent connection requests to those who I know and recognize. All of the connections I have made and people who pop up are in the EJA or ATM major. I am not really clear on how to engage in groups, I took the “Journalism” recommendation and searched and followed it. It seems to be private, and my request is still pending. I am thinking that following more of these groups and pages will broaden the effectiveness of my LinkedIn presence.

Reddit is something new to me as well, and right away I noticed how it prompts you to engage in conversations about topics. On the other hand, it liked to re direct a lot of searches to different websites or news sources. This is something that I have noticed a lot with social media, especially mobile apps when engaging in an advertised story. The likelihood that you will be able to view that particular story on that platform is low, it always takes you to another site to view the full thing. For me, I would use Reddit more than not to engage in conversation and tap peoples brains about certain topics. For example, right now North Carolina has a lot going on with political affiliate controversies and I was able to engage in discussions regarding this.

I think for News 7, the best way to use Reddit would be to view what is trending in the area, and what people are discussing in order to come up with an effective newscast and coverage. I truthfully think it is more about what is discussed about the content rather than the content itself. This is the true relevance.

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