Lights Project

Tay Aras
Tay Aras
Nov 13, 2018 · Unlisted
  • Gradients
  • Curves vs hard edges
  • Size of paper
  • Crumpled vs straight paper

Prototype 1:

Prototype 2:

Prototype 3:

Prototype 4 - variation 1:

It was around this point where I realized that it was easier to just build and not sketch

Prototype 4 - Variation 2

Prototype 5:

Prototype 6:

Feedback from critique:

For the critique, I brought my prototype 5 and prototype 6.

Prototype 7 - v1

Prototype 7 - v2

Feedback from critique:

  • Adhesives — try out different things. Too many adhesives are showing or interfering with the light.
  • Sockets and cords are too jarring. They need to be hidden or incorporated with the pieces. On this one in particular, The cut between the gradient and the dark part is too abrupt.
  • Symmetry — A lot of lighting engines look like they are supposed to be symmetrical but were slightly off. This goes hand in hand with the assembly and craftmanship
  • 2D vs 3D — Many of the lamps are not designed in the 3D. They are designed as different sides and not a complete 3D object. (Car example)

Prototype 8:

  • lava lamp
  • mountains
  • sunset
  • candle +candle wax
  • ocean waves
  • cake icing
  • volcano exploding + LAVAAAA — by carol
  • Disney cake — beauty and the beast
  • magic mountain
  • mulan
  • old chinese painting

Addressing prior feedback:

My craftsmanship was much improved, which was aided by a lot of pre planning. I made sure to measure everything out before, and although I messed up a few times, catching it early led to fewer mistakes and craft issues later on.

Planning out all the dimensions. I did mess up pretty bad midway!
Making plans for internal structure for the final product

Final Version!

Overall, I do think it was successful in accomplishing its goal to aid contemplation. I definitely learned a lot, and wa


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    Tay Aras

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