All your “just give peace a chance” thoughts and platitudes simply deny the fact that we live in a…
Darren Boggs

Darren, so glad you served, and came back healthy. How many of your buddies did the same? Rumsfeld is PERSONALLY responsible for sending hundreds of thousands of troops into Iraq ill-equipped to fight the war. A war he, along with his war-mongering cronies — set up.

Did his actions make it any better in the Middle East? Did they destabilize the entire region? Did they know Al Queda wasn’t even in Iraq? All are a resounding yes.

Rumsfeld will go down in history as a SecDef worse than Robert McNamara — who at least had the good sense to APOLOGIZE — to those who served (like my entire family!) and those who didn’t make it back.

Promoting a ridiculous game app is the height of hypocrisy. He should be on trial at The Hague.

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