Blog Tour Excitement

Hey guys… exciting news… my first novel (Shocking Finds: A Finder’s Keepers Novel, over 100k words of fantasy/paranormal romance) will be published in late fall, 2015… i am so nervous i feel sick… i know nothing about online blog tours and author takeovers and … basically i am bouncing back and forth between squealing with overwhelming joy, and popping antacids by the handful… i could use all the help i can get… throw me your sage advice, please… not sure if you can respond on this site (tech-lite is my older, wiser brother… i’m just swimming along, trying not to drown) my blog is at and i welcome all blog tour information… if anyone would like to be apart of this experience, just email my publisher, Mary, at … she has been directing traffic and answering questions about my upcoming blog tour… i plan to do as i am told and try to have as much fun as possible… i would love to interact and learn from you guys, along with the dozens of others that have already chosen to be apart of this adventure… a lot of them are also blog tour virgins… we could all use your advice… *squeal happy wordage, everyone … Tracey L Clark