Happiness Hack: This One Ritual Made Me Much Happier
Nir Eyal

You had me until you revealed the ritual to be “two hours, once every two weeks.” Ouch. Well, that’s one way to do it!

I think it’s less about *what* as *when*. I play “Julie the cruise director” for a group of friends. We all have separate networks that we belong to, so my joy is to take care of this one. For example, once weekly, I host a dinner party followed by shared TV watching. (Currently, we’re watching Gotham on Netflix.) That’s in addition to the whole buttload of other things I organize.

That weekly dinner — with those who can make it that week, followed by another week when they can’t but someone else will — really is something to hold on to.

But I also have a book group that meets monthly and have joined a Meetup that a friend coordinates for people who want to go out for music regularly and spontaneously. (Meetup is great for meeting people, by the way.)

So again, I think it’s less about what it is that you do than about having the ritual itself.

Find your tribe. Enjoy your tribe. Prioritize your tribe over work crap. #easypeasy

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