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Night’s Power

Standing on the shore

Staring into the inky night

The stars hiding their twinkle

The moon at our backs

Waves lapping gently at our ankles

Like a dog’s tongue

We let go of each other

To stand on our own

Awaiting dawn’s theft of dark

Casting the future

In bright oranges and pinks

The sun stealing the light

It lent the moon

As it prepares for another day

In the life we built

In the cool darkness of night

Where our vision of truth was clouded

Allowing us to embrace the moment

For it was all we could see

Until we could no longer see each other

In the inkiness where you tried to be

A Knight riding in to rescue me from myself

Only to find this distressed princess a warrior

Who saved you when you stumbled on your sword

I closed my eyes against the day

Waited until the twilight of the setting sun

The opening of my eyes showed you’d

Moved on to conquer a soul in need

Rather than stand hand in hand with me

As night fell once again

I looked out over the water

Took a step toward life’s promise

Little did you know

Little did I know

Night had lost its power over me

Originally published April 6, 2018 at