This pioneering female psychologist dismissed Freud’s ‘penis envy,’ and feminists love her for it
Stephanie Buck

Thank you for this interesting read Stephanie. I had no idea that I was parroting Karen Horney, psychologist when I brought the concept of “womb envy” to our general discussions during the 1980s. As a small group, both women and men, we chose various topics to round table and this was one that I brought not realizing I did not present an original thought. No one else challenged the authorship but we did have some wonderful, engrossing, loud discussions on the topic. The genesis of this idea of “womb envy” for me was when one of the members tried to insinuate that “a woman was not whole without a man”. Clearly, I was having none of that and so, unwittingly, plagiarized K.Horney’s documented response to Freud. In truth, I feel just a little bit validated and glad that others, past, present, future(?) have had the same “ah ha” moment, original or not.

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