How to help Julian Assange and/or Wikileaks against trolls

Never take internet trolls personally EXCEPT when they threaten harm to ANYONE, including themselves. Read on for how to respond…..

  • When a troll threatens harm toward Julian alert @wltaskforce and @twitter within the conversation. Take a picture of the conversation if you can. Alert @twitter for yourself. Also, report the conversation as threatening to harm. Do not engage further conversation. NEVER second guess any kind of threat (of harm or death).
  • If someone calls Julian a rapist, simply say False or This is not true and refer person to this site- I recommend you read the site first as you can also educate people one on one. It’s always best one on one and leave the site for the person or troll to read as well…as others. Other people go through and read. Many people have heard gossip and some people are just simply around to frustrate followers. Are you a follower of what people think they know? Or would you rather be informed? There are legal papers as to Julian’s case against him, so by all means try to get Wikileaks/Julian supporters attention if you have a question you cannot answer @wltaskforce. The supporters do go through the conversations as well and fill in the gaps.
  • Trolls call out “Vlad”, “Russian….”. The best thing to do is to not engage conversation. Why put yourself through that?
  • Calling anyone including trolls names is frowned upon. Not just because you sound as bad as them but it can get you banned on twitter or any social media. Seriously tho, it’s what trolls thrive on-hate. Sometimes we all do at times but it doesn’t get anyone anywhere but down. Remember, the internet is forever.
  • Inappropriate images should be reported, as with spam. Many times I report as spam.
  • There are many fake Julian Assange accounts. Report them and get others’ attention so we can all do this. It takes more than one person. It seems to take over 20 reports, if not more just to get them suspended.
  • Lastly, not all supporters are what they claim. Be vigilant. A few out there who appear the nicest & have the most followers aren’t necessarily there for good intentions. Some people use various outlets to gain followers, money or have a severe crush. Keep it real! :)