I wish you peace.
Jake Brodsky

The irony here is that it was my father who taught me to stand up for what is right even at the risk of being ostracized; that principle is more important than pleasantry; and that cowardice is never an acceptable route, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. I did not write this piece to change the minds of my family members; I wrote this piece to clearly articulate what I will no longer tolerate in my presence whether their minds are changed or not and to give language to others in my situation who may need it.

I will no longer be complicit in placing ‘peace’ above equality and righteousness or in swallowing my repugnance at the sounds of racism and misogyny; even from the mouths of those I love. Especially from the mouths of those I love. If my intolerance of cruelty causes a rift, so be it. It is a rift on principle, and for that my father should be proud.