Fair Taxation

The issue of fair taxation has been a constant debate for quite some time. Presidential Candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were both for raising taxes. Focusing on Sanders, he was in favor of high taxation on the rich. The logic behind it is the rich have loads of money, and can spare more than what the poor and middle class have.

However the vilification of the rich is unjust. In a capitalistic country like America, the rich are the ones who can afford to establish the economy. They pay the money to create companies and industries that the poor and middle class can work and earn an income at. In the Declaration of Independence it says that “all men are created equal.” Equality should exist in the form of taxation also.

For equal taxation, presidential candidates Rand Paul and Ben Carson argued for a “flat tax.” A flat tax is a tax system that requires all citizens of the country to pay the same proportion of money to the government. For example, if the government required a 10% flat tax, then a person making $100,000 annually would pay $10,000 in taxes. On a lower class example, someone making $10,000 a year would only have to pay $1,000 in taxes. This would bring true equality on the subject of taxation, since the rich pay the same proportionate amount of money as the poor and middle class.



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