The problem with anti-sjws & sjws communities

“Racist”, “cuck”, “sjw and “Reee”if you’re familiar with these terms then you’ll know what I’m talking about. As it stands there’s an ongoing battle between what I’d called the progressive social justice left and anti-feminists/liberals/conservatives and then there’s the alt-right. This ‘battle’ has dominated the online political discourse for almost three years now. I would like to discuss the sides of this ‘culture war’ and share my thoughts on it.

The term “sjw” is a pejorative describing those on the authoritarian left. They call themselves liberals but their behaviour is fundamentally illberal. They believe in censorship if they consider someone to be ‘harmful. They see a lot of inequalities in society and want to fix them through implementing means that achieve equal outcomes. They come across as well-meaning but essentially are thought policers that only hurt their cause for justice. They are always looking to changing things to achieve an equality of outcome or I’d say an utopian goal. Put it this way a social justice advocate would build a ramp for disabled people and the social justice warrior would make the people with legs feel bad rather than investing in the ramp. If you disagreed with their method you’d immediately be seen as a horrible person that doesn’t care about the poor, minorities or disabled. Sjws want to control language and other aspects of culture such as; gaming, music, t.v. and movies. Progressives tend to be conflated with sjws because they share similar goal but I don’t think it’s fair to label all progressives sjws because many don’t support authoritarian tendencies like deplatforming, and doxxing for their own gain.

“Sjws” can also be right wing: see Laura Loomer and other Rebel media hosts who tried to shut down a Shakespeare play recently because it had a scene where Trump was assassinated. The constant deplatforming is a tactic that is a favourite of “sjws”. My question to them is always what are you so afraid of? If someone is saying things you don’t like then why can’t you just refute them? I don’t understand it you should have confidence in your ideas and not feel the need to censor people you disagree with, if your arguments are strong.

Sjws are often conflated with progressives because like I said before both groups have a similar set of goals and believe the same things. They both like to redefine terms such as; racism and oppression. They define racism as power + privilege for example since more white people are in positions of power in the States that means that non-whites cannot be racist. What they have done is essentially conflate systemic racism with individual-prejudice/discrimination. This allows the social justice warrior or progressive to speak in broad terms about white people but speaking in broad terms about black people would be considered racist. It’s why they’ll say that the disabled white guy who got beat up by three black teenagers was prejudice and not racism because black people were previously systemically oppressed. It has caused a lot of confusion for people because also when the social justice warrior/progressive is talking about white people they aren’t just talking about white people, but a system. ‘Whiteness’ is the system and what they mean by that is meritocracy, capitalism & equality of opportunity. For example non-whites or immigrants who come from non-western backgrounds that enjoy success and are happy, are sucking up to the system of white supremacy. Imagine that? The radical far left do not like immigrants who do not see themselves as victims in Western countries. This garbage and I hate to say it largely comes from American Academia which filters through the media & the rest of the western countries that follow suit.

Oppression as defined prolonged or unjust treatment, which is usually the suppression of rights. Progressives & sjws will claim that women, minorities and LGBT are oppressed because of disparities in some outcomes in the workforce, crime and health.The problem is that they conflate unjust treatment of certain individuals within these groups to mean that the whole demographic the person belongs to is oppressed. So they end up making statements that men (or the ‘patriarchy’) are blanket oppressing women.

So as a result we’re stuck with this far-left cancer of identity politics, censorship and utopianism in our universities. If it did not infiltrate media in terms of news, movies, games and television I would not care but it unfortunately has. This way of thinking is held by many academics, celebrities and politicians in the west.

The anti-sjw movement is a reaction to all this I described above. The anti-sjw movement probably started back in 2014 (and I was unaware of it at the time) and gained a lot of momentum across youtube and even political commentators like Ben Shapiro. I became aware of the anti-sjw sphere on youtube last year. I was originally a tyt fan because I liked to watch their liberal take on U.S. and world politics. They also had fun segments about celebrities that I enjoyed. However around June 2016 when the Orlando shooting happened I lost a lot of respect for the TYT because of how they covered the shooting. They were simply not honest and cared more about protecting their narrative. They also seemed to be more upset at Trump & Rudy Guillani than the shooter.

I was very annoyed and searched youtube for TYT critics and I stumbled across the Cenk Ugyur and Sam Harris debacle, in which Cenk blatantly lied about Sam Harris’ views. I barely knew who Sam Harris was but I could see that Cenk was lying about Sam and strawmanning him. I could barely watch the debate because of Cenk’s behaviour he was so rude and childish while Sam remained calmly carefully refuting Cenk’s points. What’s worse is that after losing the debate to Sam, Cenk doubled down on the smears and lies about Sam. It was such childish and dishonest behaviour from someone who owns an online media company. I continued with a google search into criticisms of Cenk and one of the main criticisms is that he was of the regressive left. The regressive left is term coined by Majid Nawaz to name people on the left who were engaging in cultural relativism in which they abandoned their liberal values in order to protect a culture or religion. From then on I discovered the anti-sjw youtube sphere.

The first youtuber I came across in the anti-sjw sphere was Sargon of Akkad when I searched the regressive left on youtube. I was impressed with his video on the regressive left and then I watched his videos criticising the young turks. His criticisms about the young turks were on point and then I started watching his videos more because he came across as a reasonable liberal. But as time as gone on I’ve found his content and other anti-sjw youtubers (to become increasingly dull, and the audiences to become more insufferable, as I started to see more real racists and misogynists in the audiences. I don’t blame the youtubers entirely but they have not done enough to denounce the racism & only do so when it’s directed towards white people.

It is this acceptance of racism, because calling it out would be seen as thought-policing (tone policing) and “anti-free speech” which has truly bothered me because it will not help their cause. If a regular person, someone who isn’t an sjw a “normie” if you will, sees the comments on anti-sjw channels what are they going to think? Will they want to watch their videos? Probably not and those people are turned away immediately and the sjw narrative is maintained. Most “normies” are apolitical and I actually think they would like the ideas of the anti-sjws more so than sjws. When I discuss politics with my friends and I inject some of the anti-sjw ideas/topics we can have a decent conversation. We can agree on things like free speech, pc culture being annoying and still disagree on some things but I have a good conversation without it turning nasty .It’s all about the approach I truly believe most people are moderate in their beliefs, they are not extreme like the far-left and far-right.

I don’t want to just rag on the anti-sjw channels here because they at least will still talk to those on the progressive left and the far left. It is something that I don’t see happening as much on the sjw side. There are sjw youtubers such as; the1janitor who finds debating antis useless, Contrapoints has advocated for some form of censorship and Kristi Winters is on a crusade to deplatform three anti-sjw youtubers — Sargon of Akkad, ShoeonHead and Armoured Skeptic. Peter Coffin and Garrett Girton are feminist youtubers who support antifa.The witch-hunt mentality among these people is something I haven’t seen before. For a group the champions itself as social justice crusaders who are compassionate they are merciless who will engage in the same bullying and harassing they criticise others for. The sjws on tumblr are mostly young teens, who I believe are being indotrinated into think it’s okay to bully people if it’s for justice and suits your goals. Don’t get me started on the support for violence when it is committed on their side and their hypocrisy when it comes to communism and fascism. No one should be forced to choose between antifa and nazis they both suck and are a detriment to society.

So really I’m more on the anti-sjw side, although i’m not on board with everything they say and the free passes that are given to the right. If the right engages in the same retrograde behaviour that some on the left do then it should be criticised. Although I’m seeing more people call out the alt-right which is good but is it too little too late? I hope not and I hope they are taken seriously because I believe they are a detriment to the anti-sjw cause in the culture war. People will turn away if they see these alt-righters screeching in the comment section about “white genocide” and making transphobic/bigoted comments & not addressing what a person says. They are a tiny but loud minority unfortunately. The anti-sjws are still in large part better in my opinion because a lot of them are still able to entertain a different point of view or a thought even if they don’t make it their main focal point but having a conversation with someone you disagree with is key for a healthy political climate. I’m sure I’ll be accused of ‘moral fagging’ but meh this what I think lol

These are just my thoughts please comment below and let me know what you think :) I’ll probably not see the changes I want but I’ll continue writing. My next piece will probably be on critical race theory and what that is all about.