Learning to Code

By Joseph Demerson

Wow! What an opportunity to change the projectory of my life. In the ‘Last Mile’ program we talk about rebranding and reinventing our personal profiles. Learning to code will do just that, recreate the image I want people to acknowledge and respect me for. It’s only been a month and a half and I can tell you that I had no computer knowledge. Today my confidence is at an all time high because now I am comfortable with the fundamentals. If you ask me to set-up an html page with some content, complete with links and images and buttons, I got your back and I can spice the page-up with CSS styles that will blow your mind. By the way html means, hyper text mark-up language and CSS means, cascading style sheets. I know how to read and understand how each element is being effected by my CSS page in my text-editor.

The first week was daunting because I was told to create a menu page complete with a list of items and buttons to choose specialty items. Luckily we were paired together, one person was the driver and the other the navigator. So I had a little help but we both had to figure out how things were working together. By week two I had a working knowledge of html and a little bit more understanding of how CSS works. It got harder real fast because we move to JavaScript a totally foreign language to me. It looked like something from outerspace. Luckily we have two very good teachers and some books to read, along with reference material on our computers. So I have some understanding of how JavaScript works with everything.

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of things. Now we have to learn what the D.O.M. is. The D.O.M. means document object model and it’s another way to change or interact with the html and CSS pages by identifying specific elements and objects on a tree. It allows me to visually see what element is selected and how the changes affect the web-page. Over all the frustration and challenges are worth it because I’m learning and having plenty of fun coding. Stay tuned for my web-pages coming to you soon! Until next time learn to code;

function = myName(x){ var J = ‘Joe’ + x; return J; }; console.log(myName(x));

The computer will write ‘Joex’ to the screen. Knowledge is power get some! Love Ya!

Originally published at thelastmile.org on January 14, 2015.

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