What Makes TLM an Effective Program?

By Darnell Hill

It’s been seventy-six days equaling 1,824 hours since I’ve been beyond the walls of San Quentin establishing a foundation within the maze of society. I must say, there is no better feeling than the joy, comfort, sadness and madness that exist within the means of opportunity for FREEDOM. The Last Mile program has gained me the opportunity to receive two jobs within two months, working as a consultant for “ePantry” and The Factory.

I have emerged myself in being a contribution to myself, family and community through staying focus, working hard, networking and most of all rebranding myself from criminal to tax paying contributor. “ePantry” is my full time job where we sell organic household supplies all over the United States. My work hours are from 7am — 3 or 9pm. On the days I leave ePanty at 3pm, I go right to The Factory from 4pm- 9 or midnight. As a consultant with The Factory, my job is to work with the team making sure our clients get their needs met while we take them through an emerging experience. Within these immersions, I have had the opportunity to network with CEOs and COOs of Wells Fargo Bank and witness the creative minds of our tech team explore with the executives of Levi’s the next necessary, comforting fashion for the industry workers. But wait, it doesn’t end there! I also do part time work for a start up company called “The Yard.” The founders of The Yard pay me to teach them prison exercises, yes that’s right! I said, “prison exercises”. Once or twice a week I meet with The Yard to brain storm motivating exercise techniques and work out for a couple of hours on the weekend from 7am — 9am.

The rest of my time is spent enjoying life with family and friends whom I haven’t seen in a very long time. Without The Last Mile, there is no way I could be working 45 to 65 hours a week after being out of prison for only 76 days. The Last Mile is an effective program because it offers the opportunity for incarcerated men and women to be efficient contributors to society.

Originally published at thelastmile.org on January 5, 2015.

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