To those who have been watching me in the recent months. You might be wondering why that lovely new computer that I promised you isn't built yet and why I haven't said much. Well…. the person who made the majority of the donations in those months decided to out of nowhere to make chargebacks. I kept myself quiet because I didn't want to start some crazy speech about it or some monster man hunt. I just quietly tried to fight it with the people who could help me the most in this situation. Now that Mr. Anon has won back his chargebacks, I can finally speak to bring you guys up to date on stuff.

First off, I will need to be very frugal with my income and I will need the help of my weekly goals to get back to where I was. I am still fine overall but not well off like I was. I wish I could have said I won this battle but even with all my info I provided from documentation, to voice recordings, to many forms of lying this person has done to take back what he gave…… I still lost the fight. Its amazing how much you can prove but you feel like all the mediators did was glance over the paper and just gave into the buyer. Angry is very much an understatement as to how I am right now, but I am calm in how I talk about this.

To those who think that messing with someones livelihood as a joke is a great thing to pass the time… shame on you. I never knew that tipping your waiter or waitress and in the middle of the night you will just sneak into their house, open their wallet, and take what you gave them is something so common to you as drinking water. I know this is probably a story many people have spouted out but I am just saying my two cents. I don’t wish the worst on those who do this to others, but I hope they get help because they are really going to struggle in life if this is how they think and enjoy life.

For all that has happened in this situation….Does this discourage me from streaming or tips? No… not even a little. There are always pot holes and dings on your adventure to success. I may be facing a great challenge but those challenges are what make me stronger in the end. Just know that the people around you who care for you and support you are the ones who will carry you to that success. They believe in you. Never feel like you are alone in a battle to fight for what you believe is right.

I shall keep you updated on everything at least once a week but this was a major one that needed to finally be said.

Thank you for reading,


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