See the Bigger Picture

This is mainly my response to the stuff happening because of a recent Beam Partnership and this is all my own opinion. I have been reading a lot of posts and seeing many comments on this situation. I understand peoples feelings and I am not disregarding them, but I am speaking my point of view to give you an idea of what I see.

A new partner was just announced this past week and it came out of nowhere for most and for me too as well. My first thought on it was “ I hope he brings awesome things to Beam! “ , then I see all of these messages of “ its unfair” , “He has never streamed on Beam more than a week!” and just all matters of comments. So it seems people are seeing this as some sort of favoritism towards this certain partner because he has never been seen on Beam or that he didn't work for it. So enlighten me….. How do you know he has never been on Beam? Do you know of the acquisition between him and the partnership? Does this really affect you in any way aside that someone was just partnered? All I keep seeing people refer to was he has a huge following and he has never been seen on Beam until the announcement. That really doesn’t tell me anything as to how Beam has changed or why the backlash.

I am trying to see why the reasoning behind the backlash because stuff like this has been around Beam for a long time. I’ve been there since March 2015. There will always be behind the scenes acquisitions to bring awesome follows to Beam. Big names come and big names go, but my main questions to the most outspoken how does that affect you or Beam as a whole? Everyone starts somewhere when they are streaming or content creating in general. This partner is no different. I see comparisons of other streamers that they can’t get partnered now on Beam if big names like this guy are coming into it. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique in your own right. I have met many dead ends with content creation and I am still learning. I see many people getting amazing follows and awesome views, but does that deter me from giving my all and trying my best to be better than yesterday… NO! I see myself as the challenger and no one else. All of the content creators I see them as my friends and partners in this grand adventure. Without them I wouldn't be here where I am. Focus on you and just be thankful for the things you have. If you have come across failure then pick yourself up and try again.

To the outspoken, realize the big picture and ask questions over saying your opinion first. Get the facts before you start spouting how much something has changed. Knowledge is real power and the more you know the better. I hope everyone is having an awesome day and that you never give up on your dreams.

Much Love,


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