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It’s that time again, the yearly reset. Where we take a few moments to make resolutions for the next year. Let’s be honest, most won’t be kept. We’ll say this year will be different, I’ll do this or that. But will those resolutions really ever succeed? I tried to find solid data on how many resolutions fail, I was seeing numbers like 80% of resolutions are broken by February, only about 10% of people keep theirs. That data was a little iffy and not at all promising.

But it doesn’t matter. For the moment, we’ll let our better natures prevail…

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It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, people all have their specific work language. Doctors and nurses have intense medical jargon, lawyers have legal terms made from old Latin words. The tech industry is no different. An outsider watching an episode of Silicon Valley could be lost without the help of Google or Without context, terms like agile or sprint could be used to describe the flexibility of a gymnast or an athlete’s preferred event. Context is key.

As a graphic designer, I also have my own work language. I would, occasionally, be caught going on at length about…

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I’ve decided it is time to rebrand myself. For the past decade, I have been a graphic designer that has specialized in page and book design. To be more specific, I focused on designing books for self-publishing authors. I had an interest in writing and an aptitude for design, it was a nice fit.

For a long time, it suited me well. And I am really good at what I do. I specialized, so I’ve had years to develop all the skills that are needed for being a great book designer. …

Tara Price

Pivoting my 15+ years of experience in Graphic Design into a new career as a UX/UI designer

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