Ole Miss Junior Dani Thomas working in Martindale before giving one of her many campus tours.

Character With Sound

One of the most involved students Ole Miss has seen in it’s illustrious history, Thomas kicked off the tour by showing students around one of her favorite places to relax, The Quad.
Thomas brags to the future rebels about how Ole Miss currently possesses the world’s only Chic-fil-A food truck due to the Union being under construction.
Thomas boasts of Weir Hall’s technical applications and regales the future rebels of some of her own exploits in the building.
Thomas is an Ole Miss Ambassador. As an Ambassador she guides prospective rebels and their families around campus throughout the year.
During the Tour, Thomas was being shadowed by future Ole Miss Ambassador William Day. She watches on as William attempts to lead a small portion of the tour.
Thomas directs the group through The Circle and on to the famous Grove.
Tour members watch on as Thomas speaks to them about Ventress Hall. The second oldest building on school grounds.
Whilst waiting for some of the other tours to clear out of the grove, Thomas speaks to the crowd about her story. How she became so involved around campus, and why becoming a rebel was the right choice for her.
Throughout the tour Thomas referenced instagram worthy moments and glady showed the tour her favorite picture spot as she posed for one of her own.
Thomas shows off the famous Labyrinth of Ole Miss. Telling prospective students to take a look for themselves.
Rachel Adams, who has since decided to attend Ole Miss next fall was blown away by the Labyrinth’s beauty and sophistication.
In front of the ROTC buildings, Thomas tells stories about how raising the flags for ROTC is a distinct honor for students.
At the end of her tour Thomas tell students about her favorite study spots located in Bryant Hall.
Although heavily involved as an Ole Miss Ambassafor, her lengthy list of obligations doesn’t end there. She is Co-Director of Public Relations for SAA, Recruitment Counselor, Ole Miss Orientation Leader, Cardinal Club, a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, and GoPro camera girl for Ole Miss Sports Productions as pictured above.
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