Social Media is the new Morning News

With social media being so prominent in todays generation, we often get our news solely off off the different platforms whether they are reliable or not.

Everyday, you wake up and typically what is the first thing you do? You open your phone to check some social media platforms. I use to believe that
I was not one of these people and could care less about checking right when I wake up, but as I have gotten older I started checking every morning for a different reason. Every morning the first thing I do is check twitter, because for me this is where I get my news everyday. I look at what’s trending, and I scroll through to see what happened overnight and the previous day.

This first picture is a prime example of what I mean of daily news. It goes even as far as weather updates like this tweet depicts.

Another huge source of news on twitter is all things political based. This is the first one that popped up on my feed, but every morning it feels as if my entire feed if flooded by the newest thing the president is doing, or the newest candidates, and as much as I don’t necessarily follow politics I feel like I am up to date enough because of how much of it is broadcasted on social media.

Lastly from twitter, I feel like because I check it every morning I am so aware of what celebrities are doing and the new scoop on who is dating, who broke up, what the new fashion trend is, and basically just being kept in the loop on all things entertainment and media based because I use the media as a news source every morning.

This image shows what we went over this week in class, and how misleading the information is on social media and how majority of the time the information that we are reading is not true, or is mislead in way which is interesting to see.

I chose this next picture, based solely on the fact that nowadays all of our breaking news is found out about on social media platforms, and then we turn the tvs on to see the real info or look into, but the first time we hear about it is often from a social media platform.

Lastly, as I was scrolling for another picture I came across this debate about how people get there news nowadays, but also how to tell when the news you are reading on lets say twitter, is something that is real news or fake news.

Lastly, I decided to include a link about a study on how this is an up and coming discussion for generations on the rise. In the article it talks about how 59% of people use social media as a news source.

In conclusion I think that not only is this something that I do but I found out that this topic is heavily discussed and talked about among many different people. Whether we are getting the right news or not we are getting some sort of news, and that is better than nothing at all. It may not be the best, but I believe that we are getting informed and if we chose to further investigate, and find out the right information it furthers our knowledge on the topic.



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