But context still matters.
Maddy Mathis

Whether women are harassed more than men or not is only pertinent to the existence of the Women’s Panel specifically. There are other issues with this debrief, namely that there’s an implication that doxxing or sending death threats is an problem exclusive to the anti-sjw community. Or in other words, feminist communities or sjw communities do not. This is simply untrue, and I think this stance serves to villainize anti-sjw content creators. Laci’s own fans doxxed her if my memory stands correctly. Moreover, do they know if Sargon’s fans or fans of any of the Anti-sjw YouTubers at vidcon dox or attacking Anita? I mean seriously if you go to Sargon’s twitter, you will literally see Tweets personally attacking him. If you ask the anti-sjws at the event about harassment or death threats or whatever, I’m certain they will all have stories. This isn’t a problem exclusive to anti-sjw communities. The bigger issue with the debrief’s claims is that it clearly comes from a biased perspective that fails to even try to consider the reality of both sides. For Pete’s sake, they never even talked to Sargon. I actually agree that it wasn’t unreasonable for Anita to feel threatened or uncomfortable after seeing Sargon and all the other people in the front 3 rows at her panel; it was, however, completely out of line and egregious to berate him and call him a “garbage human” while on the panel. Anita texts security. Perfectly ok. The worst thing is that on that panel where they largely talked about the attacks and harassment women face, she was the one who started that attack. Moreover, she followed up with a panel on Cyberbullying. I mean, how can you turn around after this tirade and speak on any form of bullying? That’s absurdly unbelievable. She didn’t even apologize. I just think she doesn’t care or doesn’t think what she did was wrong, and it’s worrying to me that VidCon didn’t address that at all. This is pretty much a lengthy justification of her actions with a tap on the wrist. This isn’t right which is why so many people have tweeted at Hank.

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