Why casey is my idol

For those of you who don’t know him, Casey is a YouTube film maker who posts vlogs daily. I found him at the beginning of the new year when he posted his lasted viral hit “snowboarding with the nypd”. My first thought was just, who is this guy because this is just amazing. After I went to his channel I found his vlogs and was immediately hooked.

I could think of many reasons why he is my idol but here are just a few.

He’s a go-getter

Casey dropped out of high school from a young age. For a great reason, he had a kid. I know many people look down on this but if you ever seen a teen pregnancy show then you know how some young fathers can act. Instead, He worked in some seafood establishment in his home town for low pay. In order support his young family. His goal in life was described in one of his vlogs when he talked about how he got ahold of a video camera and recorded his son when they were on an excursion. He said he knew he wanted to be a film maker from that moment on, and he achieved it doing whatever it took. After that enlightenment, Casey maxed out his credit card and bought a camera and recorded many things. Then later moved to New York City to achieve his goal with no money and place to live. Now I can’t speak for any other person, but that is the go and do it moment most people want. Just in he way he achieved it, is an inspiration to many people. I certainly look up to that story.

The right inspiration

Many inspirational figures never talk about the hard work, it takes to achieve a goal. Just usually a simple catch phrase or story about persistence. While this is true, it also takes bad days. It will almost never be easy to achieve a goal (unless your goal is simple) but if a person rides the roller coaster there, they will at least come close. After Casey’s move to NYC, there were some bad times. But he rode through it and the ball started to roll. To shorten this I won’t mention details but go watch some of his old vlogs where he talks about his life and you’ll see what I mean.