A million requests per second with Python
Paweł Piotr Przeradowski

These are kinda hard benchmarks to make (I stopped looking at these kind years ago with PHP). The Go community has been in a huge competition with itself over speed and http requests. Go can handily manage the same amount of requests and more. If you’re curious, I would dig deeper. Python isn’t going to beat Go from a raw performance perspective (not that it matters much). That’s part of why people are moving to Go from many languages, not just Python. Optimizations in code and what you’re doing of course can have a dramatic effect and make any language or framework faster or slower than the next. You might also be interested in the Go project called gopy which generates CPython extensions from Go. More and more we are entering a world where we don’t need to worry so much about our language choices/preferences due to transpiling and compatibilities like this. It’d be interesting to benchmark a CPython extension built from Go against what you have here. That might give a little more insight into CPython.

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