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Very well put. I don’t understand some of the negative comments here. This is important stuff to realize. Equally important is to understand that many of these startups are on VC life support. They are not profitable and most likely won’t be. So then what? A flood of “unemployment?” For workers who we might not officially count as employed to begin with? Which leaves the economy where, exactly?

There are a lot of new startups that prey on people and remind me of pyramid schemes.

The actual employees and owners at the startup are no better off either. Drunk on venture capital and encouraged to spend more and more so some VC can gain control. Extremely high employee turn over, especially in the tech industry, is the result there.

Is this healthy? Will the gamble pay off? Hard to say. I do believe someone sure is getting rich, it feels that way much like a pyramid scheme, but who? It’s not always so clear who has “success” here and how they define it.

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