Paul Frantizek

“And it’s incredibly dishonest to spin that ‘no sex tape exists’ — Machado was filmed having sex on a reality TV show, that’s beyond any level of dispute, she even gave interviews bragging of her paramour’s prowess.”

That’s not a “sex tape”. It’s hardly explicit. And you’d be surprised at how staged reality shows can be.

Did you do a paternity test for her child? And who cares who’s the biological father?! Btw, just because there’s a similarity in the names of that kingpin and her child, it doesn’t mean that he’s the biological father. There are plenty of children out there who don’t have their father’s name.

Btw, Alicia Machado is not running for President. She has acknowledged her eventful life and has said “I’m not a saint girl.” These things about her life aren’t relevant to the fact that Donald Trump treated her like crap in the most unjustified way. He’s not even denying calling her “Miss Housekeeper” and “Miss Piggy”. He invited a camera crew to film her working out so he can say “Look how fat she is! I’m gonna make her beautiful again!”

Also, NONE OF THESE aspects of Machado’s life were unknown to Hillary Clinton.

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