4 SIMPLE ways you can AMPLIFY your Linkedin Profile

Quick background about myself:

Your profile is YOUR LANDING page. When people google your name, there’s a good chance that your account will pop up. If your information isn’t accurate, then you’ll miss out on a business opportunity. Here are 4 quick tips that you can use to amplify your account.

I.) Have a cover photo

Having a cover photo can give you the chance to show more of your personality and giving your profile more life. People who don’t have a cover photo will have the generic blue on their profile.

Generic Blue:

II.) Profile Picture

Similar to the cover photo, you should have something that shows who you are as a person. Make sure that people can see your face. If they see your face, they’ll definitely know who to look for if you connect with them in the future.

Ideal Photo:

  • Something with your face in it and shows who you are. People should easily recognize who you are.
  • Individual photo…. i’ve seen a few accounts where people will upload a picture with their friends or family in it. You don’t want people to have to guess who you are.
  • Background color that sticks out — Depending on who you are, the color can bring more life to the photo that you display.

III.) Update your summary

Your summary is the first chance that you have of hooking in the person who reads your account. You’ll want to keep it brief and to the point. If you have achievements, list it in the media link. This will allow for people to click on your achievements.


4.) You can change your LAST NAME

Think of this as SEO for your name. Whatever you do, make sure that you include it in your last name. For instance, if someone were to type branding in the search box, there’s a chance my name can pop up. If people were to look at my profile, they’ll know exactly what my focus is.

What my name looks like:

How you can update your name: (Add a comma after your actual last name)

To recap, your Linkedin profile is something that you should take advantage of. Whatever you want to do, you want to put on a great impression if someone were to visit your account.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.