How Intercom became our Customer Messaging Hub and beyond that

Matthew John
Jun 1 · 8 min read

Obsession with Customer Messaging

Screenshot of the Intercom landing page first fold as of May 29, 2019
Here’s what I found on the Wayback Machine — ’s first web check-in on September 23, 2011. Pardon the broken CSS :).

360° Customer Messaging

1. Live chat

Here’s Srijith from our team reaching out to the customer who was troubled by the 502 bad gateway via Intercom’s live chat. For the record this was the last 502 we faced. We’re definitely getting better at this :D
Example of a customer asking for a product feature
We’ve used AddCharts (2nd row, 2nd from right) to look at aggregate tags data for deciding what features to build from the customer-feedback bucket.

2. Event based in-app messages and emails

Cancellation flow email that we send out to churning customers.

3. Product Education

You can check out our help centre at
Here’s me helping Melissa (user) with cropping an image on the video timeline using Typito. Check out the embedded article — Crop or Reposition Video Frame.
Thumbnails of the first 4 steps in a tour of Typito’s editing experience
Link to the page:

Intercom for Early Stage Companies

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